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Europe faces a demographic change since many years. The effects of an aging society are visible in many sectors, but particularly in the healthcare sector. Transparency and validation of competences gained outside of the national formal education system are therefore more important than ever before to help overcoming the partially already severe skill mismatches across the European Union.

Against this background many projects and initiatives (European and national ones but also institution specific) have addressed/ address the identification, documentation, certification and/or recognition of any kind of prior learning within healthcare in general and nursing/ elderly care in particular. Those projects and initiatives develop(ed) numerous excellent results that can be of high value for a wide group of beneficiaries across Europe. EUcareNET aims to generate synergies between those initiatives and their results and exploits them through the initiation of the EUcareNET network and the implementation of network events targeting developers but also end users of the developed tools and approaches for the validation of prior learning within healthcare.

The EUcareNET network is initiated by the partnership of the ERASMUS+ project HCEU (www.project-hceu.eu) and is initially co-funded by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Commission.

DEKRA Akademie GmbH (DE) and the HCEU/EUcareNET consortia jointly invite to the conference "Cross-border mobility of healthcare professionals". The conference aims to present and discuss the current state of transnational mobility of healthcare professionals in and into the European Union. It opens up a forum for employers, professionals, authorities, experts and researchers to exchange on relevant topics such as

  • Transnational migration and labour market mobility in healthcare,
  • Recognition of foreign qualifications in healthcare
  • Emerging skill needs and digitalisation within healthcare and
  • Qualification pathways of healthcare professionals.

The conference will be held in English and German and gathers employers, authorities, experts, professionals and researchers representing healthcare, education, recognition authorities as well as human resource management from all across Europe and beyond.

DEKRA and its HCEU/EUcareNET partners are looking forward to welcoming you in Dresden!

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